I am a current college student who is now going through pregnancy and will soon become the mother of a baby girl. I am more happy than ever.

In high school I was an excellent student, I did a bunch of extracurriculars, had a tight-knit group of friends, and still had a job that paid me more money than most of my peers. When I graduated I did so with the determination that high school would not be the highlight of my life. I began a great college career, a well-paying job, and moved out of my parents house nine months after graduation.

Fast forward to about nineteen weeks ago when, while waiting to move in to our new apartment, Jay and I paid a visit to our local Walgreens to make a purchase neither of us had before: a home pregnancy test (actually, to be sure we bought three different brands). After the third test we determined that yes, in a little over 8 months I would produce an infant. Contrary to what one of my girlfriends thought (her first reaction was “Did you cry?”), after the initial three minutes of pure shock, we were actually quite happy. We felt the changes come almost instantly as I began morning sickness the very next week. Some days, I was so nauseated a fatigued that I couldn’t carry myself to work (Jay even felt it sometimes), so we decided that before I got fired for missing so much work, I better find a position with less hours. Jay received a promotion just in time so that we could still afford our new addition comfortably. 

So, for the last three months, my hours have been filled with reading as much about pregnancy and babies as possible, trying to hold down my last meal, watching more television than I ever have before, working, getting in some baby practice with my adorable nephew, attending online college classes, applying stretch mark cream, and generally trying to keep busy. Hence: the blog


We had our little bundle on October 20, 2008, you can read about her in many of the posts subsequent to that date. 

A little more about me:

I live in Orange County, California, and have my whole life, before it was considered hip, and before they gave it that annoying title: The OC.

I am fortunate enough to have a great man in my life. We’ve maintained a healthy, honest, and fulfilling relationship for about four years and our personalities compliment each other in a way that almost makes me believe in soul mates. I say this at the risk of sounding disgustingly cheesy. 

I love clothing. Call me shallow, call me materialistic, but I love the way a great outfit can boost your confidence level to amazing heights, and if I’m feeling that good, I really don’t care what you call me. I love the idea of creating looks that are entirely your own, I love to see people who really reflect a personal style, and I love having one of my own. Never before has personal style been so readily available; you can find your own style anywhere from department stores to tiny boutiques to vintage shops, not to mention a seemingly endless online marketplace. I love to discover new places, trends, cuts, and fabrics, I love putting them all together and I love modeling the results.

My secret, secret desire is to work in film, not as an actress or anything, but a director, and maybe a screenwriter. I love films, and anyone who knows me knows that I am a great movie buff. I’m one of those people who IMDB’s every movie, actor, director, and writer. I watch all the special features on DVD’s, and find them fantastic and interesting, and I can kick everyone I know’s ass at Six Degrees.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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