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Bumbleride Stroller

I’ve been waiting for the week of March 9th since January why? Because I want a stroller from Bumbleride’s new 2009 lineup. I haven’t been able to decide between the Indie or the Flyer yet, but thanks to Supermom Central, someone else may decide for me. They are currently giving away an AMAZING looking Bumbleride Flyer stroller. I’m hoping Evelyn will me smiling up at me from that stroller in a few days. bumble


Doomsday Cult Leader: You Crazy

House of Yahweh church leader Yisrayl Hawkins in Abilene, Texas has instructed his followers to prepare for the nuclear war which he predicts will take place Thursday, June 12 at the latest. He and his followers have made arrangements and have set aside 60 truck trailers full of survival rations in preparation for the impending dark days. 


I’m pretty sure they stole this from The Fifth Element when the robber puts a picture of an empty hallway in front of Bruce Willis’ peep hole so that he’ll open the door.