For thinking the way my 23 month-old nephew copied his mother and said shit when she dropped his cup of juice is cute. And then laughing so much he kept yelling Shit, shit Shiiiiiitttt!



It has officially been a year since I’ve had a drop of an alcoholic beverage. I was never a heavy drinker, but AA would be giving me a pin or medal or something right about now if I were.


I’ve never really had New Years resolutions so this year I figured, since I’m a parent now, I should take every chance I can to have a go at bettering myself. So, I came up with three. I tried to make them simple and not too overwhelming so that I can actually follow them:

1. Eat healthier.

I used to only eat foods that were organic or at least all natural. I was very good at always eating the healthiest thing available to me. I felt and looked great, had tons of energy, was rarely sick, and even though I avoided a lot of foods, I never really felt deprived. Then, working two jobs and going to school got the best of me and I fell off the healthy wagon. I still haven’t had McDonalds since I was fifteen, but the stress and sugar got to me. I was always tired, felt sick more often, and even gained a few. When I found out I was pregnant, I went back to my old healthy habits, but I cheat more often than I ever did before. Candy has been my weakness, so my goal is to kick the sugar and get back on the wagon.  We want to set a good example for Evelyn, so Jay is doing this one with me.

2. Curse less.

Jay is doing this one with me too. I pretty sure someone would report us to social services if Evelyn’s first word was “shit” or worse, “fuck.” We don’t curse like sailors or anything, we just want to decrease our level of profanity so that she doesn’t pull a Meet the Faulkers on us.

3. Blog more consistently.

I’ve been uncharacteristically flakey about this blog so I want to change that. I think it’s great therapy for me and I’m pretty sure I’ll be glad I did it as Evelyn grows. Also, if I do follow though with this resolution, we can find out if I really follow through with the other two throughout the year.



Jay and I finally got Elijah to attempt to say Evelyn’s name. Before we’d say, “Say Evelyn” and he’d point to her and say “Bebe!” Mind you he only has the “Ev” part down, but it’s a start.




UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box $186

Whenever I go on a shopping binge, I make it my mission to buy at least one item benefitting a charity (or more, depending on how bad my binge was). For christmas this year, I’m going for UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box. Coming in at a little under $200, the lockable metal cases are filled with exercise books, pencils, erasers, scissors, a wooden teaching clock, plastic cubes for counting and a set of three laminated posters. UNICEF has some great ways to give back on their online store, from vaccines and first aid kits to jump ropes and more.

Inspiration to never work at a children’s photo studio


We’ve been trying to get a good picture of Elijah and Evelyn together to frame as one gift to my parents for Christmas, but a 22-month-old and a 2-month-old are exactly the most photogenic pair. This picture was like two hours and 400 attempts in the making. We take them to see Santa tomorrow night, can’t wait.

Here are some of the others we got: It’s a good thing we got them the GPS too, these look like they were taken at the most run-down studio ever, so much for the last-minute gift of sentiment.




Two Months

Dear Social Butterfly,

You were born two months ago today. I honestly cannot believe it’s been two months. This is strange because it feels like it was only just the other day that you made your first appearance. I feel this way because the memory of being paralyzed with emotion when you were plopped on my chest is so vivid in my mind as I write this. All the memories proceeding that exact moment feel like a lifetime ago. It’s as if I was pregnant years ago but just had you moments ago. Strange, I know. I can only hope you will have similar experiences, experiences that change not only your life, but who you are and therefore what you make of that life. Those experiences are the kind that make life worth living.


This month has been marked by the amazing way you’ve developed socially. Ever since you learned to smile at people (not just when you fell asleep or passed gas), you’ve been quite social with anyone you come in close contact with. You and I have already carried on extensive conversations about the weather, the crumbling economy, and what holiday movies we’re looking forward to the most, among other topics. Not only do you smile at me, you make various expressions and have several different grunts, coos, gurgles and murmurs that tell me you aren’t particularly favoring this seasons early cold streak, you have high hopes that the bill for another stimulus check will give the economy the boost it needs, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks amazing, but The Spirit looks to be a dud.

We usually carry on several of these conversations before your father gets home from work, at which point you give him your playoff picks and opinion on which Heisman winner will win the BCS title game. You also have discussions with your cousin Elijah when he comes over, but I can only make out half of what he’s discussing with you, you two usually use your own baby language.


You aren’t particularly shy with any of the family or friends that hold you either, though I do think you’re more reserved about your opinions with those you don’t know well, judging by the fact that those conversations are a lot shorter.

You even exchanged words with that terrible doctor just before he poked and prodded you mercilessly. After that you were so angry with him you only gave him your Tomato Red Cry, something you kept up until the second he left the room. Your first breakup of sorts. Don’t worry though; he wasn’t your regular pediatrician so there isn’t likely to be any awkward post-breakup conversations with him in the future. I should warn you though, some men will mistake you’re friendliness flirting and judging by the conversation your father had with you the other day, you’re not going to be allowed to date until after graduate school.